Zilmet ActivFlo | Hard Water Conditioner | 3/4
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Zilmet ActivFlo | Hard Water Conditioner | 3/4" MNPT x 3/4" MNPT | ZAF034

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ActivFlo from ZilmetUSA is a No-Salt Hard Water Conditioner
Connects to Main Plumbing Feed to Treat Hard Water
ActivFlo Hardness
Condition Your Water without the use of Salt

The ActivFlo from ZilmetUSA is a No-Salt Hard Water Conditioner. Hard water is a common water condition that is a result of calcium and magnesium in the water supply. Effects of hard water include limescale buildup, reduced water flow, reduced heating efficiency, and waste of detergents to clean. The Activflo imposes a catalytic action as water flows through, that causes calcium to form into an insoluble aragonite crystal. These crystals do not have the same bonding properties as calcium which means they won't stick to pipework, heating elements, faucets, etc.

Product Details
Manufacturer: Zilmet USA Corp
Manufacturer Part Number: ZAF034
No Salt Required
No Ongoing Maintenance
15 Year Warranty
No Power Required
Reduce & Prevent Scale Buildup
Increase Efficiency of Your Systems
Improve Look and Feel of Hair and Clothing
Reduce Spots on Glassware, Counters, and Fixtures


Maximum Operating Temperature: 210 °F
Maximum Operating Pressure: 232 PSI
Length: 6.0 Inches
Inlet Connection: 3/4” Male MNPT
Outlet Connection: 3/4"  Male FNPT
Optimum Flow Rates: 1.9 - 5.9 GPM
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Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia 
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Nunavut, Yukon & Northwest Territories 
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