Water Testing

How Safe is Your Water? Wahl WaterBacterial Testing for E-Coli & Coliform
E-coli and Coliform Bacteria Testing for Private Residences.
  • No Public Facilities
  • Results Available by Phone and Mail
  • No Charge for Service

Sudbury and District Health Unit 6163 Highway 542 Mindemoya, ON. P0P 1S0
(705) 377-4774 www.sdhu.com

Onsite Testing - Manitoulin Island & Surrounding Area
UV Transmission - UVT  -   Hardness  -  Iron (Fe)
PH  -  Sulphur  -  Tannin/Lignin  -  Manganese  -  Chlorine
Copper  -  Colour  -  Sediment  -  Total Dissolved Solids
  • On-Site No Obligation Water Test
  • No Waiting for Results
  • Water Analysis Available

Real Estate Services
  • Potability Testing for Financing
  • Testing for Objectionable Parameters
  • Pump Identification & Flow Rates
  • Water Treatment Education & Identification
  • Raw & Treated Water Analysis
  • Water Analysis Report to Realtor
  • Water Analysis Report to Buyer

More Information on Real Estate Services

Laboratory Testing: Regulated Facilities

Ontario Regulation 319/08 water testing must be completed with an Accredited Laboratory. We act as a facilitator to assist organizations, municipalities and private business owners to understand their obligations and put them in touch with an accredited facility. Sampling and Laboratory Delivery Services are available across all of Manitoulin Island.

More Information on Ontario Regulation 318 & 319

Laboratory Testing: Home Owners Non Regulated
Concerns about water quality often extend past Bacterial and obvious aesthetic issues. Laboratory water testing covers chemical, pesticides, herbicides and all of the parameters outlined in the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines. Test options can be for individual contaminants or for an overall view of your water quality. Our partnership with an Accredited facility allows for a seamless transition from sampling the water, delivery to the lab and results provided to you.