Water Softeners

Benefits of Soft WaterWW Residential & Commercial Water Conditioners 

Softener Sizes from 20,000 to 90,000 Grains
1, 3 or 5 Year Parts Warranty
7 - 10 Year Tank Warranties
Single Heavy Duty Gear – Simple Reliable Operation 
Single Removable Motor – Works on All Voltages
Easy to Use Control – Simple 4 Button Control
Hydro Outage Protection – Up to 24HRS and No Battery
Digital Display – Simple Operation with Flow Meter
Bypass Valve – Easy to Service with No Water Interruptions
Noryl® Thermoplastic Valve Design – Exceptional Corrosion Resistance

Education - Hard Water
Commonly known as lime or scaling, hard water is composed of calcium and magnesium and leaves scaling white deposits on faucets, tubs, sinks and lines the inside of a hot water tank reducing it's efficiency. Hard water is found in areas that are composed limestone. Calcium and magnesium are absorbed into the water as it comes in contact with the limestone. This occurs most commonly in deep wells and can occur in lakes with spring feed water sources.

Symptoms of Hard Water

Benefits of Softened Water
Fading Colours in ClothingBetter Lather for Bathing
Film on the DishesLess Conditioners
Spots on the SinkBrighter Colours in Laundry
Drying of Skin After ShowingSoap & Cleaner Savings
Scaling in Kettles or PotsImproved Water Heater Efficiency
Slow Flow at the Shower HeadSpot Free Dishes and Fixtures

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