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Buying or Selling, the Water is Important.
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Owning a home in the country is desire for many people. It is often overlooked where the water comes from and what quality it will be. When purchasing a rural home, a test for water potability (E-coli & Coliform) is a required part of every Real Estate Transaction that includes any type of financing through lending institutions such as Banks or Mortgage Companies.

Buyers have the right to request a water potability test with the purchase of any home and can make it a condition of the sale. Sellers will often take a water sample to show the prospective Buyer and sometimes it can be a requirement as part of the Home Inspection.

While bacterial potability is very important, our experience has shown that sometimes the quality of water is based on more than just a test for e-coli and coliform. Objectionable parameters such as Hardness (White Scaling), Iron (Orange Stains), Sulphur (Rotten Egg Odour), Tannin (Coloured Water) and high levels of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) can occur in varying levels for drilled wells, lake water sources, shore wells, dug wells and from surface ponds. Proper water testing provides clarity in a real estate transaction and eliminates any future water related problems after the sale.

Have the water tested for potability and other parameters before any sale or purchase of a property.

Selling Your Property - Water & Treatment Equipment Services

Water Testing in a Real Estate TransactionBefore you sell your home or cottage, it is a good practice to have your water tested for bacteria and for any common water contaminants prior to listing the property. This will eliminate any surprises at the time of the sale and prevent any delays as a result of the water in the sale. Prospective buyers will see the value in proper water testing and properly applied water treatment equipment. Water can sometimes be one of the deciding factors in the closure of a sale.

Assistance with the Sale of Your Property
Water Testing in Advance of the Listing
Comparison to the Canadian Drinking Water Standards
Identification of Objectionable Water Parameters
Treatment Equipment Maintenance & Logs
Third Party Potability Testing with the Sudbury & District Health Unit
Vacant Home Services for Equipment & Testing

Preparing for a Purchase - Water & Treatment Equipment Services

Water Quality in a Real Estate TransactionPurchasing a home or cottage in the country offers many benefits and having bad water is not one of them. In the country there are no municipal water treatment plants to ensure the safety of the water quality. Water is supplied by a well on the property or from an adjacent lake or river.

While rural properties can have similar water characteristics, they differ greatly depending on the location and water source. Testing the water for bacteria, objectionable tastes & odours, scaling agents and contaminants that may be unseen in the water is a good practice.

Often when looking at a property is for sale there is existing water treatment equipment. When purchasing it is important to understand the role that this equipment plays in the safety of the water. When properly installed and maintained, water treatment equipment can provide safe water for drinking, bathing, cooking, showering etc.  We can help when you are looking at a property for sale by providing a 3rd party independent assessment of the water quality and condition of the treatment equipment.

Assistance with the Purchase of Your Property

Water Testing for Objectionable Parameters
Water Testing for Bacterial & Potability
Equipment Identification and Function
Pumping System Identification & Flow Rates
Source Water Identification & Location
Third Party Reporting to Real Estate Agent or Lawyer