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Water Awareness got it's roots in 2013 after Jeff Wahl had an experience with a real estate transaction and water treatment equipment. After this experience he decided to start the process of making a change to how people view their water and provide education for it's safety. His mission is to continually raise awareness for the safety, benefits and risks associated with water with specific focus on water treatment. Many homeowners, businesses and cottagers have water treatment equipment installed and not all are aware of what they do, the maintenance requirements and operating conditions to ensure their water safety. 

What is Water Treatment?
Treating water means many different things to people and it differs whether you are in the city or country. For some people it is a filter under the sink or the blue light in the basement. When done correctly, it can be of benefit to remove odours, staining, calcification, chemicals, contaminants or bacteria from the water. Some people trust their municipality to provide safe water and water treatment is not part of the equation. Jeff's experience has shown that quite often people do not understand what each piece of equipment does and there is a general uncertainty about the industry as a whole. Water treatment devices exist in many forms none are "remove all" devices with one step purity of the water. All water treatment devices should be applied correctly and achieve what they are meant to do. Unfortunately this is not always the case and equipment is often installed at the recommendation of real estate agents, plumbers or by a homeowner on water that does not meet their operating requirements. 

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