Wahl H20 - Education

Educating Through Awareness
The goal of our program is to raise awareness about water, water treatment and the potential risks to a consumer. Many homeowners and cottagers have water treatment equipment installed and are not aware of the maintenance requirements and operating conditions to ensure their water safety. Equipment such as Ultra Violet Lights and Reverse Osmosis systems are often installed at the recommendation of real estate agents, plumbers or by a homeowner on water that does not meet their operating requirements. This can be a risk if the water quality contains contaminants that can foul the systems. Often there are no alarms or flashing lights to warn the consumer that the system is not operating properly.

Water Treatment - The Basics
Test the Water Before Installing any Equipment
Test for More than Coliform & E-Coli Bacteria
Understand Rural vs City Water
Clear Clean Water is Not Always Safe
Water Sources can Change with Seasons
Not all Plumbers are Water Treatment Professionals
No Equipment Has a Lifetime Warranty
Water that Passes a Health Unit Test can Fail the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines
Private Water System Users are Responsible for the Quality of Their Water

Volume 1 Issue 1 - Home Buyers Beware
Volume 1 Issue 2 - Septic System Contamination
Volume 1 Issue 3 - UV Systems & Hydro
Volume 2 Issue 1 - Total Dissolved Solids – What You Don’t See

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Water Canada January February 2018Home Water TestingHydro & UV Systems

Wahl H20 - Program Topics

Water Testing & Realty Transactions
UV Disinfection System Operation, Risks & Water Quality
Total Dissolved Solids - What You Don't See
Buying and Selling a Property - What About the Water
Drinking Water - A Personal Choice
Septic System Contamination
Maintaining Water Treatment Equipment
Water Conservation Strategies
Low Yielding Wells
Water Testing & The Public Health Unit
Country vs City Water
Rainwater - Old Ways with New Technologies
Shore Wells - Is it Really Lake Water?

Understanding Your UV System

"When it comes to water, safety is of paramount concern and too often home owners trust the water implicitly when a residential UV System is installed."

Over the last 25 years the use of Ultra Violet Disinfection Systems has become common place for keeping bacteria out of rural water supplies. If you own a home in the country, it is very likely that a UV System (also known as Blue Light or Sterilizer) is installed either at the kitchen sink or where the water enters the house.