Viqua UVMax & Sterilight | 3/4
Viqua UVMax & Sterilight | 3/4' Installation Kit | WW028

Viqua UVMax & Sterilight | 3/4" Installation Kit | WW028

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Boshart Industries CanadaInstallation Kit for Easy UV System Maintenance
This kit is designed to be used with any 3/4" MNPT Thread UV System to allow for proper maintenance of the system during UV lamp replacement and quartz sleeve cleaning. Included is a 3/4" Full Port Ball Valve to ensure proper shutoff of the the water at the outlet of the system. A 3/4" Stainless Steel Tee for the inlet water connection is designed to match the stainless steel in the UV chamber. The quarter turn drain valve is designed to properly remove all of the water from the UV chamber during maintenance preventing potential problems with pressure.

Product Details
Ball Valve Shutoff: Brass 3/4" FPT x FPT Connections
Stainless Steel Tee: 316 SS with FPT x FPT x FPT Connections
Drain Valve: Brass 3/4" MNPT with Quarter Turn Handle
Plumbing Tape: Pink Teflon Tape 1/2" x 260

Viqua Systems Used In
UVMax B4
UVMax D4
UVMax D4-V
UVMax D4+
UVMax E4
UVMax E4+
Sterilight S8Q-PA
Sterilight SV8Q-PA
Sterilight S5Q-PA
Sterilight SV5Q-PA

Canada Delivery Information Viqua UVMax Sterilight Installation Kit
All Canadian Provinces - No Other Country
Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia
Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba
New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island
Saskatchewan, Newfoundland & Labrador
Yukon, Nunavut & Northwest Territories

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