Viqua LightWise Upgrade Kit for UVMax Pro20 | 650730-005
Convert your UV System to LightWise™ Technology

Viqua LightWise Upgrade Kit for UVMax Pro20 | 650730-005

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Trojan Viqua UVMax Canada

VIQUA LightWise™ Upgrade Kit - Convert Your Existing Unit
Upgrading is a great alternative to purchasing a new system. Take advantage of the latest UV technologies while saving time and money by upgrading your existing PRO system.  Plus, VIQUA gives you unmatched support and a new five-year warranty on the electronic controller.

LightWise™ Technology
Viqua Power Information
Allows the electronic controller to automatically reduce lamp power during periods of no water flow, maintaining the water temperature below 104 Fahrenheit, reducing the rate of sleeve fouling by up to 60 percent, saving you time and money. LightWise™ technology is designed to reduce energy use by 30 percent, increase time periods between required maintenance and cause fewer false alarms.

The flow-meter converts flow rate readings to a 4-20ma signal, which in conjunction with the UV Sensor's 4-20mA signal is used to calculate real time dose.

Product Details
Manufacturer: Viqua - Trojan Technologies
Manufacturer Part Number: 650730-005
Kit Includes: LightWise™ Enabled Electronic Controller
Kit Includes: Flow-Meter
Kit Includes: Updated User Manual

Viqua Systems Used In
Model: Viqua Trojan UVMax Pro20 | 650653
Model: Viqua Trojan UVMax Pro20 | 650656
For Systems RS Version 2009 Onwards

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