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Viqua COMMcenter for Pro, H+ & K+ Systems | 270272-R

Viqua COMMcenter for Pro, H+ & K+ Systems | 270272-R

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Trojan Viqua UVMax Canada

270272-R VIQUA COMMCenter Kit
An advanced UV monitor system that works with VIQUA H Plus, K Plus and Pro Series systems as well as the obsolete Sterilight SV50, S80 and SM80 systems. This monitor links with up to 9 UV systems at once and displays real-time feedback on each systems UV dosage, lamp hours and alarm history. You can download history logs onto your PC (not MAC compatible) using the included mini-SD card and MAXtrack software.

Product Details
Manufacturer: Viqua - Trojan Technologies
Manufacturer Part Number: 270272-R
270272-R COMMcenter CanadaCOMMcenter Displays: UV Dose, Alarm History & Lamp Hours
Includes: 2GB Micro-SD with Mini-SD and SD Adapter
Includes: RJ45 Ethernet Cable
Includes: RJ11 to RS232 Adapter
Includes: RJ11 to RJ11 Straight-Through Cable
Includes: Dry Contact Connection for External Functionality
Links with up to 9 Systems at Once
Languages: English, German, French, Italian and Spanish

Viqua Systems Used In
Model: Viqua Trojan UVMax Pro10
Model: Viqua Trojan UVMax Pro20
Model: Viqua Trojan UVMax Pro30
Model: Viqua Trojan UVMax Pro50
Model: Viqua Trojan UVMax H & H Plus
Model: Viqua Trojan UVMax K & K Plus
Model: Viqua PRO24-186

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