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Viqua 4-20mA Signal Interface for Pro10, Pro20, Pro30, H+ & K+ Systems | 270268-R
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Viqua 4-20mA Signal Interface for Pro10, Pro20, Pro30, H+ & K+ Systems | 270268-R

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Trojan Viqua UVMax Canada

270268-R VIQUA 4-20mA Signal Interface
The 270268-R UV Sensor Interface is an inexpensive unit that allows for sophisticated controls based on a variable 4-20mA sensor signal rather than basic alarm set points. This product is compatible with existing SCADA, PLC and/or other data management systems. This data can be used for comprehensive management systems like Modbus, BACNET, LonWorks and others. The UV Sensor Interface provides real-time UV dosage measurements via the variable 4-20mA signal based on the UV intensity measured at the UV sensor installed in the disinfection chamber. The sensor interface has Velcro provided for attachment near the chamber. ms.

The UV Sensor Interface is a breakout device which interfaces with monitored UV units. It plugs into the UV sensor on the UV disinfection unit where the monitor usually plugs in and then the UV monitor plugs into the UV Sensor Interface. The 4-20mA signal is then provided from the UV Sensor Interface via an electrical connection.

Product Details
Manufacturer: Viqua - Trojan Technologies
Manufacturer Part Number: 270268-R
Length: 3.3”
Width: 2.2” 
Depth: 0.8”
Maximum Load Resistance: 250 Oh

Viqua Systems Used In
Model: Viqua Trojan UVMax Pro10
Model: Viqua Trojan UVMax Pro20
Model: Viqua Trojan UVMax Pro30
Model: Viqua Trojan UVMax Pro50
Model: Viqua Trojan UVMax H & H Plus
Model: Viqua Trojan UVMax K & K Plus

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