Vipert Potable Tubing | Blue | 3/4
Expand, Push or Crimp this Piping for all Potable Water Applications

Vipert Potable Tubing | Blue | 3/4" | Sold Per Foot | PRTB4C1-FT

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Piping Sold in Per Foot Lengths
Each Quantity is ONE FOOT in Length
Vipert Piping Canada

Vipert Features
VIPERT Potable Polyethylene-Raised Temperature is ideal for Residential and Commercial potable hot and cold water distribution. Expand, push or crimp, VIPERT can do it all! Manufactured by CB Supplies, VIPERT is certified compatible with F-1960, F-2080, F-1807 and F-2159. With increased flexibility/relaxed memory, excellent hydrostatic strength and burst pressures that far surpass required industry standards, VIPERT is all you need.

Product Details
VIPERT is compatible with Expansion, Push and Crimp Fittings
Tube Size: 3/4" (0.875" O.D.)
Colour: Blue

This material specification designates the requirements for VIPERT™ Potable hot and cold water distribution tubing. All VIPERT™ Potable tubing is copper tube size dimension (CTS), SDR-9 wall thickness and meets the requirements of ASTM D2769, cNSFus CSA B137.18, ULC/UL S101 UL263, and ULC S102.

All VIPERT™ Potable tubing is manufactured from a Bimodal Polyethylene with a Cell Classification of PE445574A which is a high density polyethylene of raised temperature which does not require cross-linking to achieve the superior strength to withstand high temperatures; the Bimodal Polyethylene does this with tie chain molecules which connect the crystalline structure. The single layer product is provided in the colors red, white and blue for easy identification of hot and cold lines.

VIPERT™ Potable tubing is intended and recommended for use in hot and cold potable water distribution systems. Design temperature and pressure ratings for VIPERT™ Potable are 160 psi @ 73°F and 100 psi @ 180°F. VIPERT™ Potable tubing can be used in “continuously recirculating hot water plumbing systems” at temperatures of up to 140°F while still maintaining excellent chlorine resistance. 

Canada Delivery Information Vipert Potable Tubing
All Canadian Provinces - No Other Country
Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia
Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba
New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island
Nunavut, Yukon & Northwest Territories
Saskatchewan, Newfoundland & Labrador

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