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Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection Systems
Disinfecting your water with Ultra Violet Light (UV) will ensure that viruses, bacteria and other pathogens are not harmful in your water supply. Ultra Violet Disinfection adds no chemicals to the water and has no potentially harmful by products. UV Technology provides an environmentally friendly way to keep your water disinfected and is available for Residential, Cottage and Commercial applications.

Critical to the proper operation, disinfection and dependability of any Ultra Violet Light is ensuring that the unit is sized correctly, maintained on a regular interval and that the incoming water has properly been tested to meet the necessary operating conditions.

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Most UV Systems are not maintained correctly due to a lack of awareness about the system
Proper Equipment Sizing is critical to ensuring proper bacterial disinfection
UV Lamps require an Annual Lamp Change for most systems
Quartz Sleeves require cleaning and periodic replacement to be effective
Pre-Treatment of the water is necessary to ensure proper disinfection
5 Micron Filtration is Required ahead of any UV System
Hardness, Iron and Sulphur foul the Quartz Sleeve and decrease system effectiveness

Understanding Your UV System - See the Article Posted at our Wahl H20 Blog

Wahl Water has a Canadian Ultra Violet Light product line that is diversified to provide you with the correct disinfection solution for your application in Canada. UV Systems for your cottage if you are drawing water out of a lake. Ultra Violet Systems for well water if you have a dug or drilled well. Commercial NSF55 Approved UV Systems for Campgrounds, Restaurants, B&B's, Motels, Community Centers and Churches. Small enough to fit under the cupboard and powerful enough to run a commercial facility. UV's are applicable in virtually every situation.

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