UV Solenoid Valve Asco 120/60 VAC NC | Series 212 | 1
Ensure the Saftey of Water During a Power Outage

UV Solenoid Valve Asco 120/60 VAC NC | Series 212 | 1" Inlet & Outlet

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Ensure the Safety of Your Water

Power outages can result in a potential for contamination of water after a Ultra Violet Disinfection System. Use this Solenoid Valve to automatically shut off the water and provide an extra layer of security to your UV System if there is a Power Outage.  It works by shutting off the water immediately when there is no power. This prevents contamination of the hot and cold water plumbing downstream from the UV System.

Asco Solenoid Valves CanadaEasy to use, this solenoid valve can be plugged into a standard electrical receptacle and automatically opens and closes. It is a recommended add on to any Residential UV System.

Why Choose a Solenoid Valve?

UV Systems & No HydroWhen you purchased a UV System it was to protect the water in your home, cottage or business. It is likely that no one informed you of the risk associated with Power Outages. Quite often people will turn on taps or flush toilets during an outage and inadvertently cross contaminate their plumbing without ever knowing it. Bacteria passes through the UV when it is not on and when power is restored the assumption is that everything is okay with the water because the UV is operational again. This may not be the case as bacteria have the opportunity to replicate on the other side of the operating UV Light.

Where a Solenoid Valve Should be PlacedBenefits of Using a Solenoid Valve

Prevent Cross Contamination of Plumbing
Avoid Having to Disinfect Piping after a Hydro Outage
Add a Second Layer of Security to Your UV System
Easy Automatic Operation with No Valves to Open or Close
Works with All Ultra Violet Disinfection Systems

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