UV Pure Solenoid Valve 1
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UV Pure Solenoid Valve 1" 120 Volts | 550055

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Solenoid Valve 1" 120 Volts

Use this Solenoid Valve to shut off the water to a UV System if there is a Power Outage. This prevents contamination of the plumbing downstream from the UV System. It works by shutting off the water immediately when there is no power. It is a recommended add on to any Residential UV System.

Product Details
Manufacturer: UV Pure Technologies 
Manufacturer Part #: 550055
Models Used In: Hallett 30 1 Inch Connection
Models Used In: Any UV System with 1" Inlet Connection

Solenoid Valve Specifications

Port Size:
1" Female NPT 
Includes Wire for Connection to 120V Receptacle
Manual Override Lever
Closes when there is No Electricity

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