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What are the Benefits of UV Disinfection CanadaTrust the Quality of Water in Your Home, Cottage or Business
An Ultra Violet (UV) System (also known as Blue Light or Sterilizer) is UV Water Treatment System installed either at the kitchen sink or where the water enters the house. It's purpose is the inactivation of harmful bacteria,
viruses and dangerous parasitic protozoa such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia occuring at the point of contact between UV Rays and water inside of a stainless steel chamber. An Ultra Violet Lamp is the source of the UV Ray and radiates 360 degrees through a Quartz Sleeve which protects the lamp from coming in contact with water. The benefit of this type of disinfection process is the instant neutralization of microorganisms preventing them from causing any harm.

Residential UV Systems CanadaDescriptive Icons
Look for the additional descriptive icons for all
of our UV Disinfection systems that help to provide additional information on the type of application, ease of maintenance as well as other important features. These easy to identify icons help to simplify the decision when purchasing a UV System. UV Water Disinfection Systems are applicable in residential, cottage and commercial applications

UV Lamp Maintenance Wahl WaterMaintenance Icons
It is important
that systems should be properly applied, maintained and installed in order to ensure bacterial disinfection of the water. Maintenance is a critical component and these icons are designed to help you in deciding which system to purchase.

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Canada's UVSuperstore is a division of Wahl Water, an entirely Canadian company providing Canadians with reliable service and national distribution to even the most remote areas. It was founded on the idea that rural customers without access to parts should have the same availability as urban customers who can simply walk into a store. Today we provide UV Systems and Replacement Parts to Residential, Cottage and Commercial Customers across the country in rural and urban areas. Our system shows you real time stock status, provides searches by manufacturer or model and has detailed product information for all products.

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Viqua 9GPM Integrated Home UV System | VH200-F10
In Stock
Viqua 14GPM Integrated Home UV System | VH410-F20
Special Order 3 to 5 Business Days
Excelight 8GPM Home UV System | EL720AK
Special Order 5 to 9 Business Days
Excelight 6GPM Small Home UV System | EL411AK
Special Order 3 Days
UV Dynamics 6GPM 40MJ Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection System | UVD245 | 400483
Special Order 3 To 5 Business Days
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UV Lamp Sterilight | S200RL-H0
Average Rating(1)
In Stock
UV Lamp Sterilight | S410RL-HO
In Stock
UV Lamp Sterilight  |  S600RL-HO
In Stock
UV Lamp Sterilight | S740RL-HO
In Stock
Viqua Sterilight UV Lamp | S950RL-HO
In Stock
Trojan Lamp Adapter for UVMax | 602980
Refurbished Product - In Stock
Trojan Bottom Sleeve Bolt | 603053
Special Order 3 Days
Trojan Sleeve Removal Tool | 602988
In Stock
Trojan Pro Series Wire Form | 602896
Special Order 3 Days
Trojan UVMax Sleeve Bolt | 602665
In Stock
Trojan Safety Cap | 603000
Special Order 3 Days
UV Lamp Wyckomar UV-4 | RL-7/254T5CELL
Special Order 5 Days
UV Lamp Wyckomar UV-1 |RL12/254T5
Special Order 3 Days
UV Sleeve Wedeco A1 | AP1 | M1| 89303
Special Order 3 to 5 Business Days
UV Sleeve Wedeco A2 | A4 | AP2 | AP4 | ES2 | M2 | M4 | 89304
Special Order 5 To 7 Business Days
Quartz Sleeve UV Dynamics | 400157
In Stock
Quartz Sleeve Sterilight SPV-1.5 | SP100-HO |QS-100
Special Order 3 Days
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