Transient Voltage Surge Protector | UV Pure | 150207
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Transient Voltage Surge Protector | UV Pure | 150207

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Sensor Array Kit UV Pure UpstreamProtection for your UV System
Install this device to protect your UV System from electrical variances, brown outs and surges. With a simple 115V plug, it can be used on any standard electrical receptacle to ensure that your system does not suffer any damage due to electrical spikes. This also helps to ensure the manufacturer's warranty for the system and parts. Simple and easy to install.

Product Details
Manufacturer: Panamax Home / Office Power Management 
Manufacturer Part #: 150207
Models Used In: Upstream NC 10-50
Models Used In: Upstream NC 10-75
Models Used In: Upstream NC 15-50
Models Used In: Upstream NC 15-75
Models Used In: Upstream NC 30-75
Models Used In: Hallett 13
Models Used In: Hallett 15XS
Models Used In: Hallett 30 1"
Models Used In: Cactus X-8
Models Used In: Cactus X-12

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