Super Iron Out | 1 LB 12oz | Rust Stain Remover | IO2508
Great for Removing Rust Stains

Super Iron Out | 1 LB 12oz | Rust Stain Remover | IO2508

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Pro Products CanadaRemove Stubborn Iron Stains

Super Iron Out is as ideal multi-purpose rust stain remover for around your home. Chemically changes rust and iron into a clear, soluble state that easily rinses away without scrubbing.
Cleans even the toughest rust and iron stains and is safe for use on virtually all surfaces and white laundry. Ideal for cleaning toilets, sinks, tubs, dishwashers, exterior surfaces and more.
Cleans and maintains water softeners, and also whitens, brightens and removes rust stains from white clothing and fabrics Does not contain harsh or abrasive chemicals and is safe for
fiberglass, porcelain, or acrylic finishes.

Product Details
Manufacturer: Pro Products LLC
Manufacturer Part Number: IO2508 Usage: Rinses Rust and Iron Stains Away Without Scrubbing
Usage: Cleans Even the Toughest Rust and Iron Stains
Safe for Use on Virtually all Surface and White Laundry

Product Specifications
793g | 1 LB | 12 oz
Includes Usage Directions on Container
Case Quantity: 12 Pieces

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Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia
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