Stenner Econ Stennicator Meter System 1 Pulse Per Gallon | SE20MH81S341
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Stenner Econ Stennicator Meter System 1 Pulse Per Gallon | SE20MH81S341

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 Econ Stennicator Proportional 1:128

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The Stenner Econ Stennicator Meter System is suited for convenient and quick installations, it is equipped with the pump and the corresponding dry contact 3/4" or 1" water meter mounted on a heavy duty Panel. The Stennicator Meter System is used primarily to treat water with sanitizers, disinfectants, nutrients and medications. The pump injects at a fixed rate of 1oz/gal for water flow rates up to 2.7 GPM (162 gal/hr) at pressures up to 80PSI. It is actuated with a signal sent from a dry contact water meter. Water meters wired to a house controller to tally water consumption are suited activate the Stennicator, which has an internal signal splitter. There are 3 settings to be used with water meters - a 1 pulse/gal (ppg), 10 ppg and 1 ppl (Liter). The pump also has a prime mode and a stand-by mode.

Product Details
Manufacturer: Stenner Pump Company  
Manufacturer Part Number: SE20MH81S341
Single Pump Meter System Panel
Water Meter: 3/4" 1 pulse/gallon
Voltage: 120 Volts
Tubing Size: 1/4"
Feeder Tube - H
Injects directly into line, eliminating water flow restriction
Easily serviced with effortless tube replacement
Stock solution does not contact any moving parts
Unaffected by water quality, scale or solids
Solid, one-piece tube construction
UL and cUL listed
Qualifies for Free Shipping

Included with Every Pump:

Spare H Tube
Duckbill Injection Check Valve
20' LDPE Polyethylene-NSF/FDA Approved Suction/Discharge Tubing
1 Weight for Solution Tank
3 Connecting Nuts
3 Ferrules
Instruction booklet

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