Stenner Econ Series Feeders

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Stenner Canada Pumps & PartsPeristaltic Metering Pumps Since 1957
Quick & Easy Serviceability
Dependable Mechanical Control
Easy Tube Replacement
Interchangeable Components
Versatile with Less Downtime
Self Priming Up to 25 Feet
Mounting Options Vertically or Horizontally
Online Product Support & Documentation
Canada Wide Shipping to all Provinces
All Replacement Parts are Genuine Stenner Product

Why Choose Stenner Pumps?
Stenner Peristaltic Metering Pumps are based on a simple, well-engineered design that minimizes complexity and delivers reliable performance. The time-tested design is renowned for consistent Quality and Ease of Service, which increases dependability for users while reducing service time and expense. Reliability comes from within and Stenner manufactures from raw goods to final assembly, producing the majority of our product in-house. By controlling the processes, we can control inventory and quality issues at the time of manufacture and maintain a three day lead time.

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Stenner Econ Integrator Series | E20RHF71S
In Stock
Stenner Econ Stennicator Meter System 1 Pulse Per Gallon | SE20MH81S341
Special Order 7 Business Days
Stenner Econ Stennicator Meter System 1 Pulse Per Gallon | DE20MH81S341
Special Order 7 Business Days
Stenner Econ LD Series | E10LHMA1S
Special Order 7 Business Days