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Stenner Econ LD Series | E10LHMA1S
Stenner Econ LD Series | E10LHMA1S

Stenner Econ LD Series | E10LHMA1S

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 Econ Stennicator Proportional 1:128Peristaltic Metering Pumps Since 1957
The Econ LD is a precise, compact variable speed peristaltic pump designed for metering low volumes when reliability and accuracy are a must. This pump is ideal for pumping flocculants, coagulants, sanitizers and a variety of solutions. The quiet long lasting brushless motor, in a totally enclosed housing, offers premium quality in a compact pump. The design incorporates the latest microprocessor technology with a simple potentiometer control and on/off switch. The potentiometer has a 50:1 turndown offering a wide range of outputs. Adjusting the potentiometer clockwise gradually increases the pump speed to 100%. Turning the potentiometer fully counter-clockwise turns the pump off.      
Product Details
Manufacturer: Stenner Pump Company  
Manufacturer Part Number: E10LHMA1S
Voltage: 120 Volts
Tubing Size: 1/4"
Feeder Tube - M
Flow Rate - 1.3 to 70.0 ml/hour
Easily Serviced with Effortless Tube Replacement
Stock Solution does not Contact any Moving Parts
Unaffected by water quality, scale or solids
Solid, one-piece tube construction
UL and cUL listed
Qualifies for Free Shipping

Included with Every Pump:

Spare M Tube
Duckbill Injection Check Valve
20' LDPE Polyethylene-NSF/FDA Approved Suction/Discharge Tubing
1 Weighted Suction Line Strainer 1/4"
3 Connecting Nuts
3 Ferrules
Instruction booklet

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