Stenner Econ Integrator Series | E20RHH71S
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Stenner Econ Integrator Series | E20RHH71S

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 Econ Stennicator Proportional 1:128
The Econ Integrator provides proportional injection for water treatment on livestock farms without the expense of additional equipment.

The Integrator is an efficient, compact pump and has cULus for indoor and outdoor use. The pump has a water meter operational mode that is time adjusted to accurately inject a fixed amount of chemical per volume of water determined by the pulse rate of the water meter in use. A built-in repeater relay provides a dry contact output signal that replicates the same signal the pump receives. The relay feature is especially useful in livestock operations where an existing dry contact water meter is being utilized to tally water consumption to a controller. Water consumption, a key indicator for animal health is uninterrupted. The relay feature is also perfect for installations requiring multiple pumps, all of which can be activated by one dry contact pulse water meter.
Product Details
Manufacturer: Stenner Pump Company  
Manufacturer Part Number: E20RHH71S
Voltage: 120 Volts
Stenner Econ Integrator LogoTubing Size: 1/4"
Feeder Tube - H
Comes with Black Econ Roller Assembly
Maximum Flow Rate - 113.40 L/Day (30 GPD or 4725.0 ml/hour)
Easily Serviced with Effortless Tube Replacement
Stock Solution does not Contact any Moving Parts
Unaffected by water quality, scale or solids
Solid, one-piece tube construction
UL and cUL listed
Qualifies for Free Shipping

Included with Every Pump:

Spare H Tube
Duckbill Injection Check Valve
20' LDPE Polyethylene-NSF/FDA Approved Suction/Discharge Tubing
1 Weighted Suction Line Strainer 1/4"
3 Connecting Nuts
3 Ferrules
Instruction booklet

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