Stenner 45M4 220V 35GPD 1/4
Stenner 45M4 220V 35GPD 1/4' Adjustable Output | 45MJL4B1S

Stenner 45M4 220V 35GPD 1/4" Adjustable Output | 45MJL4B1S

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Stenner 45M5 50GPD 120V 3/8 Adjustable OutputPeristalic Metering Pumps Since 1957
Stenner Classic Series metering pumps are self-priming and the 3-point roller assembly provides a positive 2-point seal on the pump tube at all times. This eliminates the need for anti-siphoning valves and diaphragms. The patented mechanical feed rate control (adjustable models) allows the pump's output to be scaled from 5% to 100% with the simple turn of the dial.

Product Details
Manufacturer: Stenner Pump Company 
Manufacturer Part Number: 45MJL4B1S
Voltage: 220 Volts
Tubing Size: 1/4"
Tube Number: 4
Adjustable Output (GPD): 1.7 to 35.0
Discharge Pressure from 0 to 25 PSI
Vertical or Horizontal Mounting
Featuring QuickPro Pump Head for Easy Tube Changes
Qualifies for Free Shipping

Included with Every Pump:
Mounting Bracket
Spare Tube
Duckbill Injection Check Valve
20' LDPE Polyethylene-NSF/FDA Approved Suction/Discharge Tubing
1 Weight for Solution Tank
4 Connecting Nuts
4 Ferrules
Instruction Booklet

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Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia
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New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island
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