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Res-Up Automatic Feeder with ResCare | Set for Water Softeners | WW022
Automatic Feeder & ResCare Liquid

Res-Up Automatic Feeder with ResCare | Set for Water Softeners | WW022

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Res-Up Feeder CanadaHelp Keep Your Water Softener Media Tank Clean

Automatically dispenses the proper amount of Res-Up Cleaner to maintain water softener efficiency. When correctly dosed it will prevent the buildup of iron or other materials on the water softening media. Designed for preventative maintenance and longevity for your water softener. Equipped with a Fill and Re-Fill Line with automatic dispensing.

Product Details
Manufacturer: Clack Corporation 
Manufacturer Part Number: S6304
Pro Products Canada
Manufacturer: Pro Products LLC
Manufacturer Part Number: RK41N
For Automatic Dispensing of ResCare Liquid
Yellow Wick - 0.4 oz. per Day 
Recommended for Water Softener Media Cleaning 
1 - Gallon ResCare
1 - Res-Up Feeder Yellow Wick
One Filling will Last Approximately 6 Months
Do Not Mix with Bleach or Other Chemicals
Use Only in a Well Ventilated Area
Keep out of Reach of Children
How to Use ResCare FeederCanada Delivery Information
All Canadian Provinces - No Other Country 
Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia 
Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba 
New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island 
Saskatchewan, Newfoundland & Labrador

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