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Regenerant / Brine Piston  | Clack Corporation | WS1 Valves | V3174
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Regenerant / Brine Piston | Clack Corporation | WS1 Valves | V3174

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Res-Up Feeder CanadaHelp Keep Your Water Softener or Filter Working Properly

If your water softener is not working properly or running constantly to the drain, replacing the piston is a good recommendation. As your system ages, these parts wear and require replacement. It is recommended to use the Clack Service Wrench to make the replacement of these parts simpler.

Product Details
Manufacturer: Clack Corporation 
Manufacturer Part Number: V3174
Genuine Replacement Part for WS1 Softener & Filter Controls
Qualifies for Free Shipping in Canada
Clack Softener & Filter Valves Used in:
Canada Delivery Information Clack V3174
All Canadian Provinces - No Other Country 
Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia 
Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba 
New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island 
Nunavut, Yukon & Northwest Territories
Saskatchewan, Newfoundland & Labrador

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