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Quartz Sleeve Trojan UV Max H | H+ | Pro20 | 602975

Quartz Sleeve Trojan UV Max H | H+ | Pro20 | 602975

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Viqua UVMax CanadaProduct Details
Manufacturer: Viqua - Trojan Technologies 
Manufacturer Part Number: 602975
Systems Used In: H, H+, Pro20
Shipped with 2 Replacement O-Rings in the Box

Trojan UVMax Systems Used In
Model: UVMax H
Model: UVMax H+
Model: UVMax Pro20

UV Specifications
Genuine Trojan UVMax Quartz Sleeve
Sleeve Open at Both Ends
Sleeve Length:
Use Sleeve Removal Tool when Replacing

Canada Delivery Information UV Max H | H+ | Pro20 | 602975
All Canadian Provinces - No Other Country
Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia
Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba
New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island
Saskatchewan, Newfoundland & Labrador

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