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Pura QC RO Block Carbon Filter | 41407006

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Pura RO Systems CanadaProduct Details
Systems Used In:
Pura QCRO4V-50 Reverse Osmosis
Systems Used In: Pura QCUF Ultra Filtration
Manufacturer: Water Group
Manufacturer Part Number: 41407006
Application: Pura RO & UF Systems Only
Rated Gallons Capacity: 2000 GPD 
Connection Type: Twist & Lock
Material Type: Block Carbon
Micron Rating: 50 Microns
Filter Width: 2.5" 
Filter Length: 13.1"

Product Specifications
Feed Water Pressure: 276-690 kPa (40-100 psi)
Water Temperature: 4-38 Degrees Celsius (40-100 Degrees F)
Purpose: Polishing Taste & Odour
Filter Change Interval: 12 Months

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