Pentair | Reverse Osmosis System | Freshpoint GRO-475B | 161111
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Pentair | Reverse Osmosis System | Freshpoint GRO-475B | 161111

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Remove Lead and Other Contaminants from Your Water
Water Saving Technology - Less Water to the Drain

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FreshPoint Reverse Osmosis System
Did you know you can have better tasting, better smelling and more refreshing water streaming through your faucet on-demand? Meet the Pentair FreshPoint 4-Stage Under Counter Reverse Osmosis System. This system is designed to transform ordinary tap water into clearer, more refreshing water with the turn of your tap by reducing a broad range of impurities found in your home water before polishing it off to give your water a better taste.

Effectively reduces a broad range of impurities found in your home water. Save money and drink water with a clearer conscious by eliminating the need for bottled water.
The Pentair FreshPoint 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis System is designed to deliver worry-free water in a click. This system features patented Diamond Flow technology, which combines two filtration technologies into one to give you cleaner, high quality, chug-worthy water. And, with Green RO technology, the FreshPoint GRO-450 produces less water waste, leaving you – and your water – with a clear conscience.

  • Colour coded filter cartridges maintains proper replacement intervals.
  • Magnetic cover for easy removal in tight spaces with no tools required.
  • Includes water supply shut off valve 
  • Includes 3/8" push fit plumbing inlet and outlet connections.

Easy to Change Pentair Filter Cartridges

Featuring a built-in flow restrictor that ensures fine filtration without sacrificing water pressure, while our
proprietary Fibredyne cartridge technology enables 2x the flow efficiency of comparable competitive lead filters. 

System Specifications
Manufacturer's Part Number: 161111
Genuine Pentair Product
Membrane: 75 Gallon Per Day
3.2 Gallon Storage Tank
pH Limits: 3-11 
Water Pressure Range:= 40 to 100 psi
Maximum Incoming TDS <2000 mg/L
For Use on Microbiologically Safe Water Only
1:1 Product vs Waste Ratio
Inlet & Outlet Connections: 3/8" John Guest Push Fit
Filter Cartridge: F1B1-RC Lead & Chemical Carbon Cartridge (Included)
Filter Cartridge: F1GC-RC Post Filter Cartridge (Included)
Filter Cartridge: FDF1-RC CTO Diamond Flow Cartridge (Included)
Membrane Cartridge: GRO75-RC 75GPD 
Faucet: Air Gap Chrome  Handle (Included)
Includes Filter Replacement Monitor

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