PAE RO-132 | Reverse Osmosis Storage Tank | 4 Gallon | 92371
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PAE RO-132 | Reverse Osmosis Storage Tank | 4 Gallon | 92371

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Ships with Plastic Tank Stand in Packaging
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Product Details
Manufacturer: TankPAC Industries Co. Ltd.
Model Number:
PAE RO-132
Model Number: 92371
Tank Colour: White
Stainless Steel Connection Built for Reverse Osmosis Water Storage
Brass Cap with Internal O-Ring Guarantees No Air Loss From Air-Vent
Smooth Internal Air Vent Cap Prevents Diaphragm Damage
High-Grade Butyl Diaphragm, Post-Cure Procedure Insures a Tasteless and Odourless Water Chamber
NSF Listed. IAMPO Approved. CE Mark Approved.
Reverse Osmosis Tank Cutaway
Product Specifications
Total Width: 11.2"
Total Height: 14.7"
Total Capacity Rating: 4 Gallons
Maximum Temperature: 40 Degrees Celsius / 104 Degrees Fahrenheit
Maximum Working Pressure: 100 PSI
Connection Type: 1/4" MPT (Top of the Tank)
Purpose: Reverse Osmosis Water Storage
With Plastic Tank Support Stand

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