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Omnipure Q-Series Quick Change Filter Kit | Q5605 & Q5633 x2 | WW010
Set of 3 Replacement Filters

Omnipure Q-Series Quick Change Filter Kit | Q5605 & Q5633 x2 | WW010

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Omnipure Q-Series Filters

Omnipure Filter Company - The Q-Series

Omnipure Water Filters CanadaThe Q-Series is the ultimate “user friendly” inline filter on the market. Replacement of the spent media bed is completed, in a matter of seconds, by detaching the filter body from a permanent head with a twist of the wrist. The new filter body is just as easily threaded into the head, and the replacement is then complete. The Q-Series is also available with the optional Twist Tap in-head valve system, which automatically turns the supply water off when the body is disconnected from the head. No tools. No drips. No hassles.

Product Details
Omnipure Filter Company

Manufacturer Part Number: Q5605 & Q5633 x2
Systems Used In:
PuroTwist 4000
Systems Used In: PuroTwist 3000
Systems Used In: RO-QC3
Systems Used In: RO-QC4
Systems Used In: RO-QC4P
Systems Used In: Aquamaster AMF2000
Systems Used In: Aquamaster AMR4000
Systems Used In: Aquamaster AMR4000P
Application: Beverage & Drinking Water
Connection Type: Twist & Lock

Water Filter Specifications
Feed Water Pressure: 125 PSIG
Water Temperature: 2-38 Degrees Celsius (38-100 Degrees F)
Filter Change Interval: 6 Months

Canada Delivery Information Omnipure Q5605 & Q5633

All Canadian Provinces - No Other Country
Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia
Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba
New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island
Nunavut, Yukon & Northwest Territories
Saskatchewan, Newfoundland & Labrador

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