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O-Ring  Boshart Giant Filter Housings | 14FHPT-GOR
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O-Ring Boshart Giant Filter Housings | 14FHPT-GOR

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To Make Seal at the Top of Filter Housing
Boshart IndustriesBoshart Giant Filter HousingsProduct Details
Thick O-Ring for Top of Filter Sumps
Previous Boshart Part Number: 14A-GOR-358
Previous Systems Used In: 14HK-G10B-07
Previous Systems Used In: 14HK-G10C-07
Previous Systems Used In: 14HK-G20C-07
Previous Systems Used In: 14HK-G20C-07
Systems Used In: 14FHK-GB-1007
Systems Used In: 14FHK-GB-1010
Systems Used In: 14FHK-GB-1015
Systems Used In: 14FHK-GB-2007
Systems Used In: 14FHK-GB-2010
Systems Used In: 14FHK-GB-2015
Systems Used In: 14FHK-GC-1007
Systems Used In: 14FHK-GC-1010
Systems Used In: 14FHK-GC-1015
Systems Used In: 14FHK-GC-2010
Systems Used In: 14FHK-GC-2015
Do Not Over Tighten Filter Housings
Replace O-Ring Every 3 Years 

Canada Delivery Information Boshart Industries 14FHPT-GOR
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Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia
Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba
New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island
Saskatchewan, Newfoundland & Labrador
Yukon, Nunavut & Northwest Territories

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