Neoprene Tank Jacket Black | Water Softeners & Iron Filters | 13
Easily Cover Your Existing Water Softener Tank

Neoprene Tank Jacket Black | Water Softeners & Iron Filters | 13" x 54" | TJ1354ZIP

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Help Keep Your Media Tank Clean

The jacket provides a layer of insulation for your water softener or iron filter tank. With a an easy to use zipper, it can be installed without removing any plumbing or tools. It helps to prevent condensation or mould growth on the fibreglass tank and can "hide" a dirty tank that cannot be cleaned. Ensure that you have the correct width and height of your tank for proper fitting. 

Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number: TJ1354ZIP
For All Types of Water Softener Fibreglass Tanks
For All Types of Iron Backwashing Fibreglass Tanks
For All Types of Backwashing Fibreglass Tanks
Material: Neoprene with Sturdy Zipper
Bottom Velcro Connection 
Width: 13"
Height" 54"
Material: Neoprene
Cleaning: Wipe with a Damp Cloth
Canada Delivery Information
All Canadian Provinces - No Other Country 
Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia 
Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba 
New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island
Nunavut, Yukon & Northwest Territories 
Saskatchewan, Newfoundland & Labrador

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