Logix 760 Controller| Autotrol Series Softeners | 1242163
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Logix 760 Controller| Autotrol Series Softeners | 1242163

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Genuine Autotrol Replacement Parts

LCD display alternates between time of day and volume remaining. Large LCD display for simplified programming. Time of day super capacitor backup for power loss. Queued regeneration is indicated by a flashing icon. Easy installation with plug-in wiring harnesses for simple replacement option.

Autotrol Softener Parts
Easy Electronic Programming
Displays regeneration step and time remaining during regeneration
Programming stored in memory and will not be lost due to power outages
Adjustable Time of Regeneration

Initial Setting Value
Days since last regeneration
Current Flow Rate
Water used today since Time of Regeneration
Water used since last regeneration
Total water used since reset
Average usage for each day of week
Average service cycle
Peak Flow Rate
Day and Time of Peak Flow Rate
Months since service
Water used since last regeneration
Number of regeneration's since last serviced
System capacity and cycle step are calculated by the controller.
12- volt AC operation
Filter or Conditioner Control
Calendar Override
28- day variable reserve

Product Details
Manufacturer: Pentair-Autotrol 
Manufacturer Part Number: 1242163
Systems Used In: 255 Series Valves
Systems Used In: 263 Series Filters
Systems Used In: 268 Series Valves

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