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Lake Water Treatment for Home or Cottage | B-LW3/4-ST
Removes Bacteria, Lead, Contaminants and Chemicals from Lake Water

Lake Water Treatment for Home or Cottage | B-LW3/4-ST

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Enjoy Safe Drinking WaterComplete System for Treating Lake Water

After careful consideration and with input from our customers, this system has been specifically designed to treat lake water and provide safe water in your home or cottage. We have combined the strength of Viqua and Pentair, two premier north american manufacturers giving you a high flow treatment system with an annual maintenance requirement for most applications. 

All of the components are designed for years of reliable service and included is a full set of instructions with details on the configuration and typical install sequence. If you are looking to install the system yourself, an optional installation kit with plumbing fittings and piping is available for purchase. If you have a refrigerator with water dispensing or an ice maker there is also an additional kit available for purchase which makes this connection very easy. 

Safe water for cooking and vegetables
Sediment Removal

The primary sediment filter removes sand, particulates and turbidity from the water.

Keeps your faucets and hot water tank free from debris. 

The unique design allows for easy removal of the housing with a quick collar removal. 

This makes changing the cartridges very easy and reduces the chances of leaking. 

Benefits of UV DisinfectionBacterial Disinfection

The UV system provides water disinfection and is equipped with a UV lamp counter to ensure proper maintenance intervals. 

A UV lamp failure indicator is equipped should problems arise and the lamp fail for any reason. 

The system is equipped with a warning indicator to tell you when it requires maintenance. 

The 14 gallon per minute flow rate is suited for small or large homes and is capable of treating high flow rates.

Removing Contaminants from Drinking Water
Water Cross Contamination Protection

The automatic solenoid valve is provided to ensure water safety during hydro interruptions commonplace in rural areas. 

It is 115 volts and plugs into a standard electrical outlet. 

If the hydro is interrupted, it closes and prevents any water from passing the UV system. 

When hydro is restored, the valve opens again and allows water to flow into the UV for bacterial disinfection. 

Washing Vegetables with Clean Water
Taste, Odour & Organics Removal

The post carbon block filter is designed to remove tastes, odour and organics from the water. 

This stage is particularly important for lake water as seasonal changes can result in offensive odours and smells in the water. 

Has the same filter housing features as the sediment filter housing and can handle high flow rates.

Water Flow & Piping Sizes

The capacity for this system is designed for 3/4" piping common in most applications. 

Capable of higher flow rate of 1" piping as dual 3/4" and 1" input options are standard. 

No additional parts required to make the upgrade.

Purified Water at the Kitchen SinkPurified Drinking Water

The reverse osmosis system treats the water removing chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and other contaminants. 

A designer faucet is supplied to be installed at the kitchen sink. 

Capable of having an additional refrigerator connection to water dispensers or ice cube makers. 

The large tank provides water for cooking, beverages, plants, pets and a variety of other uses all with a high flow.



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