Guzzler Hand Water Pump | Priming Applications | 400HG
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Guzzler Hand Water Pump | Priming Applications | 400HG

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Prime Your Water Pump with Ease!
Durable Construction for Long Lasting Operation

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PumpsUse a Guzzler Priming Pump for shallow well or lake water applications to prime your pump with ease. Using the pump displaces air from the piping and makes the priming of pumps much easier. Equipped with garden hose inlet and outlet connections, connections for priming are easily accomplished with a dual ended female garden hose.

Product Details
Main Body Made of Injection Molded DuPont Delrin
Handle Made of Anodized Aluminum
Diaphragm and Valves Made of Buna-N, Reinforced with Dacron
Fasteners Made of Stainless Steel
Handle Orientation to the Inlet and Outlet Fittings can be Changed by Rotating the Clamp Ring to 12 Different Positions.
handle movement is up and down with pump sitting on horizontal surface

Manufacturer: Rintoul's Hand Pumps
Manufacturer Part Number: 400HG
Connections: Male Garden Hose Inlet & Outlet
Capacity: 38 Litres per minute (8 G.P.M.) at 90 double strokes (up and down) per minute, 0 .42 liters (.09 gallons) per double stroke
Weight: .57 Kilograms (1.25 lbs.)
Size: 25 cm. Long (10") - 12.5 cm. Wide (5") - 10 cm. High (4")

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