Genesis H2O Replacement UV Monitor | GENH6 Series | 40040003
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Genesis H2O Replacement UV Monitor | GENH6 Series | 40040003

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UV Monitor Genesis H20This UV Monitor can be added to systems by removing the side cap on the UV Chamber and adding the Monitor. The existing UV Ballast has the port to plug in the cable from the Monitor. The purpose of the Monitor is to measure the strength of the UV Ray and indicate when there is a problem with the UV System. Adding this device to your ultra violet system provides a second layer of security to warn you when there is a problem.

Product Details
For Use in Genesis H2O High Output Series UV Systems
Systems Used In: GenH6-05
Systems Used In: GenH6-10 
Genesis H20 UV System Canada
Systems Used In: GenH6-15
Systems Used In: GenH6-25
Systems Used In: GenH6-40
Product Manufactured By OEM

UV Sensor Specifications
Genuine Genesis H2O UV Monitor (Sensor)
For Use in 2 1/2" Diameter UV Chambers
Comes with Wire for Plugging into Ballast

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Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia
Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba
New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island
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