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GRO-75EN Reverse Osmosis Membrane | 4004425
Includes 200ml Drain Line Flow Control

GRO-75EN Reverse Osmosis Membrane | 4004425

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Pentair Encapsulated RO Membrane GRO-75EN 

The Pentair GRO-75EN features an industry leading Thin Layer Composite (TLC) membrane. This membrane is encapsulated which maximizes the life cycle of the cartridge inside. The flow rate for this membrane is 75 gallons per day (GPD), and is based on nominal performance. Most standard membranes have a 3:1 ratio which means for every 3 gallons of waste water that goes down the drain, you get 1 gallon of RO water. That ratio is only a 25% recovery of good water. What separates this membrane from the competition is the GRO-75EN features 50% recovery which is a 1:1 ratio! That means for every 1 gallon of waste water down the drain you get 1 gallon of RO water.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number: 4004425
Manufacturer Part Number: GRO-75ENPentair GRO RO System
Manufacturer Part Number: GRO-75
Gallon Rating: 75GPD
Dimensions: 2.5" Diameter x 16" Length
Weight: 2 lb 8 oz
Membrane Life: 2-5 Years
Operating Pressure: 40 PSI to 145 PSI
Operating Temperature: 40-100 
Included: 200ml/m Drain Line Flow Control
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