Franklin Electric QD Submersible Motor Control Box | 1 HP 230V | 2801084915
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Franklin Electric QD Submersible Motor Control Box | 1 HP 230V | 2801084915

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For 1HP 230V 3 Wire Submersible Water Pumps

Franklin Water Pumps Canada
QD Series Submersible Pump Control Boxes
Franklin Electric submersible control boxes are designed and optimized specifically for Franklin three-wire, single-phase motors rated 1/3 to 15 hp. Control boxes are an integral part of a submersible motor power system and our rigorous component testing ensures the most robust products in the industry. Franklin control boxes provide long-lasting, reliable operation for best system performance.

Product Details
Manufacturer: Franklin Electric
Manufacturer Part Number: 2801084915
Application: POE (point-of-entry) for Residential or Cottage Use
Pump Rated Horse Power: 1 HP
For Use with 3-Wire Motors Only
Volts: 230 | Single Phase | 60 HZ | .75 kW
Horsepower: 1
Suitable for Outdoor Mounting
UL Listed for US and Canada
Heavy-duty Box Type Terminals Accept up to AWG #2 Wire
External Access to Overload Resets
Multiple Size Knockouts
User-Friendly Connection Diagrams
Easy Access to Grounding Lugs
Qualifies for Free Shipping

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