Deciding Where to Purchase a UV Lamp
The importance of a UV lamp for proper water disinfection is something that many people take for granted. As the popularity of UV systems have increased, there has been an influx of “knock off” or non manufacturer replacement UV lamps (bulbs) on the market, which can compromise the output of the system and consequently water safety. As a certified installer of UV systems, there are recommendations which I can provide to assist you with your purchase and help you identify why selecting the right company is important.
What is a UV Lamp Bulb
Understanding the Industry
Each UV system has different requirements for their lamps, which are responsible for generating the UV rays required to disinfect water. All UV’s are powered by a ballast or power supply. While some lamps may fit multiple manufacturers systems, the ballast may not have the correct output to properly power the lamp with the correct intensity. Proper UV dosage is important for disinfection of water. If the lamp does not have the correct output, it can leave the potential for bacterial contamination after the UV system providing the consumer with no warnings or indicators.

Only Genuine Replacement Lamps 
Authentic replacement UV lamps are clearly identified by the manufacturer of the system with packaging that indicates the brand and model of the lamp, as well as labeling on the lamp itself. Any UV retailer online or in store, should be able to provide this information and ensure that the model will fit your UV system correctly. A good rule for consumer confirmation is to look for the name of the manufacturer on the outside of the packaging. For example, if you have a system manufactured by the company Viqua and it does not state that or have the logo on the packaging for the lamp, chances are it is not an original product.
Why it is important to replace your UV Lamp

Manufacturer’s Support
A good retailer of replacement UV lamps should clearly state supporting information on their website which reflects the manufacturer’s information properly. Some manufacturers have certification seals or images which link to their websites to provide verification that the company selling is authorized to do so with manufacturer support. Most manufacturer’s work directly with the companies selling their products. Proper images of the lamp are available and should be represented on selling websites. If the image is missing or looks questionable, the lamp is likely not authentic.

Web Page Information
A lack of details on a website page can be a potential indicator for a knock off part, designed so that  you would never know the difference. Companies that take the time to detail product information and have proper imagery are usually connected with the manufacturer of the product. This ensures the provision of accurate details and is commonly backed by continuing manufacturer support. A website page with just an image and price is likely from a company that is is not part of the water treatment industry and therefore not able to provide support or answer any questions with proper training and knowledge.

Returns and Warranty
If a website or store clearly indicates their return policy, it is an important factor to consider when selecting which company to purchase from. Occasionally lamps can be defective from new, right out of the packaging. Having a clear policy identified before your purchase will make it easier to send the package back if there is a defect.

Helpful Tips for UV LampsBest Practice Recommendation
A proper replacement UV lamp for your system should have manufacturer’s logos on the packaging and be sold by a company who can assist you with installation instructions, returns or any other questions you may have. If bacteria is present in your water, you do not want to take a chance with a UV lamp that could compromise the water safety in your home, business or cottage.

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