Chemical Solution Tank - 15 Gallons | G21424PN7
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Chemical Solution Tank - 15 Gallons | G21424PN7

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Suitable for Use with Chlorine, Soda Ash or Hydrogen Peroxide
Molded Section for Easy Injection Pump Attachment
Chemical Solution TankProduct Details
110 Series Solution Tank
Manufacturer Part Number: G21424PN7
Application: Indoor or Outdoor
For Use With: Chemical Injection Feeders
Suitable For: Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite)
Suitable For: Soda Ash
Suitable For: Hydrogen Peroxide
Diameter: 14.5 Inches
Height: 24 Inches
Opening: 3.75 Inches (Cap Diameter)
Easy-to-Read Gallon/Liter Scale: Large, easy-to-read volume scale molded in. No more guessing.
Increment Markings: 5, 10 & 15 Gallons
Special Cap Liner: Acts as a tight seal to prevent accidental leakage.
Integrated Mounting Platform: Molded right to the top allowing you to attach a chemical feed pump.

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