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Canature 475 QC-3 Under Sink Filtration System | 20010201

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Pura RO Systems Canada

The 475 Quick Change Filter Series offers 3, 2 & Single Stage options to provide solutions for a variety of water problems including sediment, rust, bad taste & odour.

Ultra Filtration is a low cost alternative to Reverse Osmosis systems. It uses 100% of the water which passes through it (no rejection unlike Reverse Osmosis) and can remove impurities from water as small as 0.2 microns. The quick change bayonet-style disposable cartridges are more sterile and can be changed in seconds with no tools required.

System Details
Manufacturer: Canature North America Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number: 20010201
Application: POE (point-of-entry) for Residential or Cottage Use
Inlet Port Size: 1/4" Quick Connect 
Outlet Port Size: 1/4" Quick Connect
Sediment Filter: SED-10 65010086
Carbon Filter: COC-10 65010088
Ultra Filter: UF-10 65010093
The Ultra Filter Removes Particles as small as 0.2 microns
Includeds: Kitchen Faucet

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New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island
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