Absolute H2O IHS-10 Ultraviolet (UV) Lamp & Filters (2) | WW002
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Absolute H2O IHS-10 Ultraviolet (UV) Lamp & Filters (2) | WW002

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Trust Genuine Absolute H2O Replacement Components
Fits the IHS-10 UV Rack System

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Absolute H20 CanadaEnsure that your Absolute H2O UV Disinfection System is operating effectively by replacing the Ultra Violet Lamp every year. After twelve months, the ultraviolet (UV) light from this lamp will no longer provide the necessary output to ensure proper bacterial disinfection. This replacement UV Lamp / Bulb is suitable for Absolute H2O UV-10 & IHS-10 systems and the high-output lamp may be installed in minutes and without the use of any tools. Lamp Replacement Instructions are included with every package showing step by step details on how to replace the UV Lamp.

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Product Details
Manufacturers Part Number: 6O28O5, 14GSP105, 14GCB210
System Used In: Absolute H2O IHS-10
Additional Systems: Trojan IHS12-D4
Additional Systems: UVMax IHS12-D4
Additional Systems: Viqua IHS12-D4
Filter Included: 4 1/2" x 10" 5 Micron Sediment Filter
Filter Included: 4 1/2" x 20" 10 Micron Carbon Filter
Low Pressure High Output Lamp with a Black Base
Shipped with a Replacement O-Ring in the Box

Ultra Violet Lamp Specifications
Genuine Absolute H20 Replacement UV Lamp
Viqua - Trojan Technologies
Lamp Life of 9,000 Hours (1 Year)
Lamp Length - 16" (40.5 cm)
Lamp Wattage - 40 Watts

Canada Delivery Information
All Canadian Provinces - No Other Country
Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia
Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba
New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island
Nunavut, Yukon & Northwest Territories
Saskatchewan, Newfoundland & Labrador
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