ALDEX 10% Cross Linked Cation Resin | 1.0 CuFt Bag | C-800x10
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ALDEX 10% Cross Linked Cation Resin | 1.0 CuFt Bag | C-800x10

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Sold in 1.0 CuFt Bags | Shipped in Heavy Duty Packaging
Product Item ID#: 1424
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1.0 CuFt Required for 30,000 Grain Softeners
1.5 CuFt Required for 45,000 Grain Softeners
2.0 CuFt Required for 60,000 Grain Softeners
ScheeeAldexReplace Your Tannin Water Softener Media 
Aldex C-800x10 is unmatched for quality, consistency and its unique characteristics.

Product Details
Manufacturer: Aldex Chemical Company 
Manufacturer Part Number: C-800x10
Zero solvent level in C-800x10 Cross Linked 10% Softening Resin
Certifications: ANSI/NSF 44, 61 and 372 
Produced in Canada Since 1976
100% Manufactured in North America
Resin Plant in Canada
Polymer Plant in the USA
C-800×10 Features
No Chlorinated Solvents
Long Life - Strong and Durable Beads Ensure Long Service Life.
Reliability - Over 34 years of actual field usage by thousands of customers demonstrate the reliability of Aldex C-800×10.
Canada Delivery Information
All Canadian Provinces - No Other Country 
Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia 
Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba
New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island 
Nunavut, Yukon & Northwest Territories
Saskatchewan, Newfoundland & Labrador
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