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 Lamotte | Lead Test Kit | 5-0140-1
Test Water for Lead at Your Own Tap
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Lamotte | Lead Test Kit | 5-0140-1

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Lamotte CanadaTest Water for Lead Right in Your Own Home

Are you concerned about the safety of your water? LaMotte Company now offers an affordable, safe, and reliable screening test to identify lead in drinking water. Lead is still found in old pipes, solder and service lines. Corrosive water can leach lead into water supplies. Simply immerse a strip in a water sample and read after a 10 minute waiting period.  It is easy to use with a full set of instructions, this testing kit is perfect to identify lead in the water.

Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number: 5-0140-1
Web MD Lead InfographicAlternate Manufacturer Part Number: 501401
Manufacturer: Lamotte Company
Applications: Any Source of Water Testing
Simple to Use with Instructions for Each Test
Qualifies for Free Shipping in Canada

Features & Benefits:
Test for Potentially Harmful Lead in Water
Fast, Accurate & Easy to Use
Results Available in Just 10 Minutes
Easy Analysis—1 Line or 2 Line Result Indicates Presence or Absence 

Contents & Information:
(1) Sealed Pouch with Test Vial
(1) Dropper for Water Application
(1) Test Strip with Results Indicator
Detects Lead to EPA Action Level of 15 Parts per Billion (ppb)

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