Clack 1.0 CuFT Iron & Manganese Filter | Air Injected | CFOG1.0
Removes Iron & Manganese Without the Use of Chemicals!

Clack 1.0 CuFT Iron & Manganese Filter | Air Injected | CFOG1.0

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Remove Iron & Manganese Without the Use of Chemicals
Environmentally friendly chemical free iron & manganese removal with an easy to operate control valve. Low electrical consumption with minimal operating costs without the use of any chemicals discharging into your septic bed. This system uses a three cycle regeneration set for a specific day of the week. The unit goes through a backwash cycle into the air charge cycle and the returns to the service position providing iron free water. It is easy to connect with a simple inlet and outlet piping connection as well as a single drain connection. It is ideal for homes, small business or cottages. Remove iron & manganese without the use of chemicals!

Product Details
Clack Iron Filter DiagramValve Type: Clack Series Set Day Operation
Hydro Outage Protection Up to 24HRS and No Battery
Easy to Use Control Simple 5 Button Control
Digital Display Simple Operation with Flow Meter
Bypass Valve Easy to Service with No Water Interruptions
Noryl® Thermoplastic Valve Design Exceptional Corrosion Resistance

Softener Specifications
Application: POE (point-of-entry) 
Media Capacity: 1 Cubic Foot
Valve Type: Clack WS1 5 Button Filter Control
Regeneration Method: Set Day
Flow Rate Needed For Backwash: 5.3 GPM
Plumbing Inlet / Outlet Connection: Select from List of Options
Bypass Valve: Included
Electrical: 110 Volts
Media Tank: 10" x 44" Black
Maximum Operating Pressure: 100PSI (690 kPa)
Minimum Operation Pressure: 30PSI

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Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia
Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba
New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island
Nunavut, Yukon & Northwest Territories  
Saskatchewan, Newfoundland & Labrador
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