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 Autotrol 255-760 2.0 CuFT 60,000 Water Softener
Autotrol 255-760 2.0 CuFT 60,000 Water Softener

Autotrol 255-760 2.0 CuFT 60,000 Water Softener

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Pentair Water Softeners CanadaProduct Details
Valve Type: Autotrol 255-760 Series Metered
Single Heavy Duty Gear Simple Reliable Operation
Easy to Use Control Simple 4 Button Control
Benefits of Soft Water Canada Wahl WaterHydro Outage Protection Up to 24HRS and No Battery
Digital Display Simple Operation with Flow Meter
Bypass Valve Easy to Service with No Water Interruptions
Noryl® Thermoplastic Valve Design Exceptional Corrosion Resistance

Softener Specifications
Application: POE (point-of-entry) 
Resin Capacity: 2.0 Cubic Foot
Valve Type: Pentair Autotrol 255 Residential Series 760
Regeneration Method: Metered
Plumbing Inlet / Outlet Connection: Select from List of Options
Bypass Valve: Included
Valve Cover: Included
Electrical: 110 Volts
Media Tank: 12" x 48" Black
Salt Tank Brine Wand: Yes
Adjustable Cycle Times: No
Maximum Operating Pressure: 100PSI (690 kPa)
Minimum Operation Pressure: 30PSI
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